Although having an Internet site is normally identified as simply uploading files to a web server and linking a domain name to them, the truth is a whole set of services lies under any site that you see on the Internet. A few examples would be the chance to set up and handle databases or email addresses, to access your files using FTP, to check on site visitor statistics and to manage a number of domain records. All of these things contributes to your presence online in one way or another and if any of them is missing or is hard to handle, the overall management of your site may become frustrating. In this light, it is very important to not only have total control of your website hosting space and domains, but also to have the ability to manage them easily.

Website Manager in Hosting

When you acquire any of our hosting packages, you'll receive a professional, though easy-to-use Website Manager tool, that's provided with the in-house created Hepsia CP. Not only is it convenient to use even by people with no previous experience in this field, but it will additionally give you 100 % control over each and every aspect of your online presence. With just a few mouse clicks, you shall be able to access every part of the CP that's related in some way to your websites. DNS records, WHOIS details, e mails, databases, FTP accounts, script apps - each one of these things can be managed via quick-access links that are fittingly put together in one location. We have also prepared a considerable amount of helpful articles and instructional videos, which will offer you an even better understanding of all the characteristics of the Website Manager.

Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you have a semi-dedicated server account with us, we'll supply you with a potent tool through which you can handle all aspects of your presence online - our Website Manager. If you're an expert user, you will appreciate the amount of time the tool will save you, and if you're a newbie, you will enjoy an intuitive interface that will enable you to do anything in a number of simple steps. You shall be able to change DNS records, to set up an application through our 1-click script installer, to check website visitor stats, to set up a new e mail address, a database or an FTP account using quick-access buttons for each domain name hosted within the account. The Website Manager tool will provide you with the easiness and the control which you need to maintain a profitable presence online.